Step in the game and earn $STEPWORLD bonus


We are the first project in the crypto world to incorporate the features of DEX, defi, NFT and Game. Holding our StepWorld tokens will automatically earn BNB bonus, making StepWorld diamond-hand holders even richer.
will push the price to a rising price peg by burning supply, making it a gravity-free upcoin.
When you walk in our game StepWorld in your wallet, you will enjoy StepWorld transaction dividends in real time.
Token Address:0x465d6eb6632e02f6083ea59ce489568fca3a0505




StepWorld is an online RPG focusing on creating an autonomous virtual world, playable by a few hundreds players, with a gameplay built around player-driven systems (city building, crafting, economy...), and community interactions/competitions.



StepWorld NFT

It is not only a real asset that no one can take away from the player, but also a game item that shows its magical powers in the game.

*StepWorld .




StepWorldSwap is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Binance Smart Chain. That means that while you can trade digital assets on the platform, there isn’t an order book where you’re matched with someone else. Instead, you trade against a liquidity pool. Simply put, it is a decentralized exchange to allow you to trade tokens without a centralized intermediary. StepWorldSwap a user-friendly platform that will allow users to securely swap coins and tokens at the best rates in the fastest way possible. Adding Liquidity to the coins and staking, along with many additional features.


Algorithms and rules

Each transaction has 0% tax. This will boost trading activity and bring new investors


The liquidity mining pool is permanently locked, and the smart contract ownership is handed over to the black hole address on the day of issuance.

Digital gold

This strategy will help build a strong system


initial MC(20 BNB)

initial marketcap (1BNB:15000000 StepWorld)

Token Address:0x465d6eb6632e02f6083ea59ce489568fca3a0505


  • Token distribution
    Total supply: 1000000000

    Institutional strategic lock-up: 5%


    Operating community: 5%

    play to earn: 30%

    Liquidity mining: 15%

    Airdrop: 5%

  • Transaction Tax
    Each transaction has 0% tax. This will boost trading activity and bring new investors

    StepWorld Gravity is the first born StepWorld from the newly introduced elastic supply token STEP.
    In today's crypto space, there is no more ambitious and aggressive project than the StepWorld!


The first phase approaching
Block Audit
launch on pancakeswap
10000 holders
10000 telegram memembers
Stickers for the telegram group
worldwide communities
Application to Coinsniper, coinhunt, Watcherguru, etc
The second phase
Open Game StepWorld
Game transaction function test
NFT trading market building
chain pledging, saving, trading and auction function test
NFT trading market
banners and influencers
Open StepWorldSwap DEX
Open StepWorldSwap Pool
Introduce the prediction machine and launch the hero/NFT mortgage function.
Launch Land of Strife byproducts with partner agencies
Launch CEX
More planned....